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Монтаж светодиодных экранов


The company ECHDI offers services for the installation and connection of LED structures of any complexity. Our team employs highly qualified specialists. Thanks to the experience and skills of using professional equipment for installing LED screens, they will do their job well. Our services can be used in any city of Russia and the CIS.

EICHDI has an equipped production workshop with an area of ​​540 m2. It is used for the manufacture and painting of all necessary metalwork.

The whole process of mounting LED screens is divided into several stages:

  • training;
  • installation, connection and configuration of the structure;
  • commissioning works.
  • To obtain a qualitative result, the performance of each of the works should be approached responsibly.

Preparation for installation of LED screens

At this stage it is necessary to make a metal structure on which the screen will be mounted. The final step is its installation.

For high-quality execution of works, an engineering project is prepared based on accurate calculations and screen drawings that will be installed on the structure. After that, it is transferred to the production department.

Our specialists work using modern equipment, which allows us to achieve high precision in manufacturing. This is important, because even a small deviation of the dimensions of the frame from the required parameters will lead to a visual distortion of the screen plane.

The next step is the installation of the manufactured supporting metal frame and the mounting support of the LED screen. The order of execution of these works depends on the size, method and height of installation of the structure. In some cases, special equipment and climbers may be required. Here the individual approach is important.

Installation, connection and configuration of LED screens

The algorithm for performing work at this stage consists of several successive steps.

  1. Installation of LED screen panels. Light components of the design are installed in rows, starting with the lowest. They are mounted on the frame with plates and screws. It is important to set the first row horizontally horizontally to the surface of the ground, using the building level, unless the design project requires otherwise.
  2. Switching cables The design must be connected to the power supply and information signal. When mounting the LED screen, its modules are combined into rows and connected to the electrical panel. This provides a high degree of security and the ability to maintain the structure without completely stopping the broadcast. Switching information cables through the through holes between the panels.
  3. Installation of additional equipment. In some cases it is required to provide forced ventilation so that the light panels do not overheat and work smoothly. The list and capacity of the components required for this is determined in the project.
  4. Customize the software. So that after installing the LED screen, the responsible officer of the client’s company can manage it, the necessary software is installed on his computer. With it, you can make a schedule for launching different files, as well as change the settings of the broadcast image.
  5. Commissioning works. Experts check and, if necessary, set the correct addressing screen. They then connect to the controller to set the brightness, contrast, and white balance settings. Individual parameters can be set for each pixel of the panel.



How to order installation of LED screens?

EICHDI has been providing these services for many years. In Moscow and other cities of Russia, our specialists have gained a reputation for professional and responsible employees. They carry out the installation of LED screens quickly and efficiently.

To order our services, it is enough to call by phone 8 (495) 149-8897. Company managers will advise you on the cost and organization of work. You can also ask

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LED screens installation

Монтаж светодиодных экранов

Metal structure
Project. metal const.
Special technician
Project. electrician
Installation photo (optional)
Screen characteristics
Installation works
Installation of the indoor media screen 1m2
от 3500
Installation outdoor media screen 1m2
от 4500
Commissioning works
от 1500
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